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Gopala-tapani Upanisad

August 18th, 2010 | 5 Comments

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This edition is the first definitive English rendering of Gopala-tapani Upanisad, the most important Upanisad for those following the path of Krishna bhakti. It includes the original Devanagari Sanskrit script, English transliteration, word-for-word meaning, English translation, and an extensive commentary that is both traditional and contemporary.

Gopala-tapani Upanisad is one of the principal 108 Upanisads. It is centered on the significance of the cowherd (Gopala) Krishna and the spiritual practice by which this feature of the divine can be realized. Gopala Krishna represents the heart of the Absolute and is thus realized by the exercise of the practitioner’s heart, from dutiful devotion to love itself.

Within the narratives this Upanisad employs to reveal its esoteric doctrine, the very figure of love personified appears along with love’s object. The perfect object of love, Krishna, while nondual, is not alone. He appears with the milkmaid Gandharvi, identified elsewhere in sacred Hindu lore as Radha. She is his primary sakti. As the principal of sacrifice, self-giving, and love, she exemplifies the means to unlock the mystery of life and live within its secret.


5 Responses

  • James Portocarrero


    Swami Maharaj, thank you so much for translating this amazing Upanishad and adding your extremely enlightened commentary.. I absolutely adore this book it’s the crest jewel of my literature concerning Krishna.. I adore it even more then Sri Brahma Samhita and send the link out as often as I can others can check it out.. May Krsna bless you to make more and more amazing literature in the future we are all utterly inspired by your example. Hare Krishna! Bhakta James.

  • Prabhuji, felt very happy and blissful to read such wonderful shlokas glorifying and describing our sweetest Lord, Sri Krishna.

  • rn

    Will Swamiji be doing a translation/commentary of another Upanishad (‘sit close’)

  • From where can I buy this book (Gopala Tapani Upanishad) in India. Is there an online website to do shopping from India in Rupees. Thanks!

  • At this time it is only available at Soon a Kindle edition will also be available.

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