Kevala Sakhya Rati

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Regarding kevala sakhya rati, these friends of Krishna headed by Sridama are not unaware of his romantic life, and although they do not directly participate in it, they are nonetheless, like the priyanarmas, pranaya-gamita, or sympathetic to it. So contemplation on this aspect of Krishna, while not desiring direct participation in his romantic lilas, can nourish one who aspires to follow in the wake of Sridama’s love. As Sridama is aware of Krishna’s love for Radha, so too are his followers. The priya-sakhas of kevala sakhya-rati also identify with giving pleasure to Krishna by helping his girlfriends, but for the most part they do not directly participate in this seva. After all, Sridama is Radha’s older brother.

Kama gayatri can also give kevala sakhya rati, if it is approached with this in mind. The key word in this connection is “kama.” It gives up to sringara rasa, in which all other Vraja sentiments are contained. It is given along with a Krishna mantra that fosters submission, while kama gayatri itself fosters longing. If one longs for kevala sakhya rati, the Lord of desire (kamadeva), will give it to you after complete submission/saranagati is in place. The transcendental Cupid (ananga) is also known as Govinda, equipped with flower arrows (puspabanaya) by which he defeats the gopis and thus gives pleasure to his friends . . . In this way the mantra speaks differently relative to one’s approach. But at any rate, among Krishna’s friends, the priyanarma sakhas of sankul sakhya/madhurya rati are his most confidential companions.

comment by Swami B. V. Tripurari on the article “Harmonizing Contradictions.”

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