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October 8th, 2010 | No Comments

Swami B. V. Tripurari gave a series of two lectures in Portland, Oregon. His first lecture spoke of our futile attempt to protect a false sense of self, reminding everyone that when a living thing (consciousness) identifies with something inert (matter), it will feel empty. The way to overcome this emptiness and boredom is to pay attention to the opportunity that human life gives us.

We are all searching for more in life, but we don’t realize that the way we are going about it is faulty. We must pursue this “more” that we sense is possible in an intelligent way: by taking less. A life focused on taking causes the self to contract, and giving causes the self to expand. By being the more that we actually are, we will finally discover the fulfillment we have been searching for.

In his second lecture, given at the Bhaktishop, Swami described the kind of love that animates the Absolute, a kind of love that conquers him and keeps him awake at night. By this love, the whole becomes subordinated by the part. This is Krishna consciousness.

From this lofty discussion of Vraja-bhakti, Swami discussed that which gives us hope that we may someday attain this kind of love: the fact that Krishna is a thief. A thief doesn’t care for locked doors and high walls, and this is what we have erected around our hearts. It is thus our good fortune that despite our ill-reasoned defenses, Krishna nonetheless finds a way into our hearts.

The More That We Sense We Are
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