Removing Doubt

October 25th, 2010 | No Comments

Doubt will be there, but we need to voice it and see if our guru cannot remove it. Also faith in guru means faith in revelation, faith that perfect knowing comes from up to down. The one who has the deepest faith—uttama adhikari—knows the sastra the best and is well equipped with the ability to reason about its implications in any given circumstance, sastre yuktau ca nipunah. And faith in sastra is our ticket to travel the path of bhakti—sastriya sraddha—sraddha or lobhamayi sraddha. Thus the guru removes our doubt with reference to sastra and scriptural logic, albeit in a dynamic and realized sense as opposed to merely citing memorized verses with little understanding of all that any particular verse might say. So we may doubt. That seems inevitable. But with sincerity we should voice our doubts.

However, doubt in the guru’s standing—in his or her realization—seems to be another thing. If it comes from his or her inability to remove our doubts, it may have substance or it may indicate our own lack of faith in sastra. We may have our own idea of what bhakti should be. If it comes from questionable behavior on the part of the guru, question respectfully. If such doubts cannot be removed, look elsewhere for further guidance.

Sincerity, not suspicion should prevail. This idea should be promoted everywhere. If this is stressed, we will have fewer persons assuming the seva of accepting disciples because everyone’s limitations will be more apparent to them and everyone will be focused more on their own practice. Prospective disciples will know they need guidance and elders will know their limitations with regard to their ability to guide. Of course we lack sincerity, but that is the only real problem.

We lack, I believe, a deep understanding of our necessity to love and how to love. The more we understand these things, the more earnest and humble we become. Sincerity is invincible, na hi kalyana-krt kascid durgatim tata gacchati. Sri Krsna spoke this line of the Gita with great affection (tata) for Arjuna and all of us.

comment by Swami B. V. Tripurari on the article “Prabhupadanuga or Prabhupada-abhasa.”

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