The Facts

October 14th, 2010 | No Comments

The facts are:

1. The material world has no beginning.
2. The jivatma has no beginning.
3. The material world requires jivatmas to exist.
4. There are always jivatmas in the world.
5. The jivatmas in the material world have no beginning.
6. The jivatmas in the material world are always active.
7. All action on the part of the jivatmas in the material world is called karma.
8. Karma has no beginning.

What Bhaktivinode Thakura has essentially said could be looked at like this. There is something called tatastha (tatastha-sakti). It has will and exercises this will. It exercises its will outside of time. This could be construed to be a reference to susupti, where the collective will of the jiva begins to manifest itself again as the One desires to become many, causing the material world to manifest. The manner in which the tatastha exercises its individual will determines its place of residence.

This is essentially what he is saying. If you stretch this out you get a figurative tatastha region outside of time from which the jiva chooses the material or spiritual realms. This could be construed as a way of talking about the facts stated above to a particular audience.

comment by Swami B. V. Tripurari on the article “Harmonizing Contradictions.”

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