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Govardhana-Puja 2010, morning lecture



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  • Babhru


    Society needs more such discussions. I was particularly moved by Swami’s discussion of the importance of human relationships with the cow, especially his assertion that the cow domesticated human society. His reference to the sages’ response reminds me of a conversation I had with my mother in the early ’70s. I mentioned, as a zealous brahmachari might, sociologists’ prediction at the time that cannibalism may become socially acceptable within a few years. Mom shuddered: “How awful!”

    Her response struck me, and I looked at her and said, “5,000 years ago, when the sages of Naimasaranya heard that eating cows would become common in our age, they were so shocked that they found it hard to even process the thought.” Perhaps I could have found a more tactful way to present the cow’s importance to human society, but she did seem to understand a little.

    Thanks so much for sharing this talk.

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