The premise that one can attain immortality by hearing the stories of Krishna has the support of revelation. See SB 10.33.39. Even the Advaitin Adi Sankara agrees with this premise. For Sankara, Krishna is the purna avatara, the most complete manifestation of saguna Brahman the world has ever known. He himself expressed his desire to retire on the banks of the Yamuna River and simply relish such stories of Krishna. His follower Madhusudana Saraswati considers internal contemplation of Krishna lila to be the height of spiritual experience for the jivan mukta. The Vaishnavas on the other hand consider Krishna lila to be nirguna (beyond the modes of material nature), and thus they see the lilas not only as a means to mukti but also as a post-liberated preoccupation that continues even after videha-mukti for those engaged in suddha bhakti.

comment by Swami B. V. Tripurari on the article “Gopi Vastra-Harana Lila: Part 1.”


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  • Syama


    In this question: “It’s incredible to think that hearing such cute little stories as this can open the doors to liberation. Surely, attaining immortality requires more than believing in the stories of Krishna – The Supreme Personality of Godhead?”

    Our dear Swami Tripurari answers… “The Vaisnavas on the other hand consider Krsna lila to be nirguna”. It means: Krsna lila has not gunas o cualities. Please, i don´t undestand this, without gunas, it doesn´t means, impersonalistic???
    Thanks for your help

  • I seem to have missed this question. “Nirguna” in relation to Krsna’s lila means that his lila is not under the influence of the three gunas—tamas, rajas, or sattva. It means that his lila, rupa, guna, nama etc. has no material qualities.

  • Sorry, i have readed the means up. Now i understan well. Thanks.

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