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Swami Tripurari has spent the last several weeks at Madhuvan, developing the project and working on his next book, an in-depth commentary on the mangalacarana of the Caitanya-caritamrita. Madhuvan has taken a major step forward in regard to self-sufficiency. The devotees now grow all their own vegetables, grains, and dahl. Madhuvan also has a sustainable herd of cows, which is closely monitored to avoid having the herd expand at a rate that outpaces Madhuvan’s ability to provide pasture (Madhuvan has 140 acres of land). Currently one cow, Surabhi, is providing more than enough milk for Madhuvan’s monastic community, and half of its oil needs are filled from ghee made from her cream.

Madhuvan’s orchards have also been expanded, and now include several varieties of mango and avocado, as well as coconut, strawberry guava, loquat, papaya, orange, soursop, lichi, starfruit, jackfruit, passion fruit, miracle fruit, pineapple, lemon, lime, cacao, custard apple, and others. Dates, breadfruit, and sandalwood are slated for planting in May. The vegetable gardens have also been expanded to over 2400 square feet of beds.

Swami Tripurari will remain at Madhuvan until March, at which time he will return to Audarya for five weeks and then go to the East Coast for programs in North Carolina and New York.

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