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New York 2011

April 17th, 2011 | No Comments

Swami Tripurari began his New York tour at Pure Yoga Studio in Manhattan. Soft light from a dome-ceiling created a sublime atmosphere that perfectly complemented Swami’s artful discourse on the three penetrations into transcendence: being, knowing, and loving. Bhajanas led by Agnideva dasa gave participants a taste of transcendental experience and book sales of Swami’s fourth edition of Bhagavad-gita, with a new preface by Dr. David Frawley, were brisk.

The next stop was in Wall, New Jersey at the home of Stacia Prabhu. The atmosphere was warm and intimate, and the all devotee audience inspired Swami to part the doors to spiritual world and take along anyone who cared to swim in the bliss of Krishna katha. The nectarean discourse culminated with further nectar in the form of prasadam and sanga among devotees.

Swami’s next lecture was at the renowned Jivamukti Yoga School. Swami was a guest lecturer for Yogesvara Prabhu, who holds a weekly Bhagavad-gita class. Swami led a lively discussion on the sixth chapter of the Gita after Agni fired up the audience with a spirited kirtana. The next day Swami did a book signing at the newly opened Namaste bookstore in downtown New York. Swami spoke for over an hour and took questions from the enthusiastic audience.

The final programs were in upstate New York at the yoga studio of Keli-lalita and Saci-suta. Swami explained that sadhana is a long and winding road. As we need to walk up and down foothills to reach Mount Everest, sometimes we need to apparently go down to progress on the path of sadhana. From the broader angle of vision, even walking down these foothills is progress on the journey of sadhana. He also stressed that we should strive to be like trees, who not only tolerate driving rain and scorching sun but give shelter to others while doing so. Both of his upstate discourses were centered on the significance of kirtana as discussed in the ninth chapter of the Gita—from sattatam kirtayanto mam and Krsna-lila to Gaura-lila and kirtaniya sada hari.

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