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Initiation Ceremony

June 24th, 2011 | 2 Comments

At a sweet and intimate ceremony at Audarya, Swami Tripurari recently initiated two devotees, Madhumangala dasa and Nandini dasi. Prior to the initiation itself Swami engaged in sri nama mahima, sharing many deep insights as to the nature of Harinama and its place in Gaudiya sadhana. Among other things, Swami explained the implications of inattentive and thereby offensive chanting, and how attentive chanting involves paying attention to the philosophy and theology that underlies nama dharma. Without cultivating sambandha jnana one’s chanting of Harinama will not be fruitful nor is it attentive in the full sense of the term.


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    SB 5.22.8: Above the rays of the sunshine by a distance of 100,000 yojanas [800,000 miles] is the moon, which travels at a speed faster than that of the sun. In two lunar fortnights the moon travels through the equivalent of a saḿvatsara of the sun, in two and a quarter days it passes through a month of the sun, and in one day it passes through a fortnight of the sun.

    How can this be true.. I.e , Moon is far way to Earth than SUN. ? This is a clear case of scientific error. or interpolation in the scripture.

  • To better understand this subject, read the books of Richard Thompson (Sadaputa dasa). He has shown how the description in the Bhagavatam is to be read and in doing so is understood not to be at odds with modern observable evidence. In the meantime, here is a video you can watch on the subject

    Other than that you comment seems out of place here, as it appears to have noting to do with the article.

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