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Portland Spring 2013

March 16th, 2013 | 2 Comments

Swami visited Portland for the weekend of March 16th and spoke at the Bhaktishop and two home programs hosted by Hari-bhakti. The Bhaktishop has a reputation of being the yoga studio in Portland where practitioners can learn the spiritual philosophy that underlies yoga and bhakti-yoga in particular. Program director Lila-mayi has been hosting Swami twice annually for several years and he is by far the studio’s most popular speaker. As usual his lecture was attended by a full house. Swami spoke on “The Nature of Transcendence,” invoking the tantric aphorism, “As above, so below.” In the context of explaining the world above, Swami also shed much light on the nature of the world below—the world of our minds and senses. As Swami explained how the journey was the destination and elaborated on the philosophical canvass on which the art of Krishna lila is drawn, the spellbound audience was so “being here now” that they were veritably transported into the world above. After the lecture, Swami took numerous questions but had to conclude the program before all of them could be answered.

The following two days of home programs continued the theme of the Bhaktishop lecture and many participants attended all three lectures. Swami will return to the Portland area again in the autumn. Persons interested in studying with Swami’s students in Portland can contact Hari-bhakti (



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