Sri Rupa’s Teachings On Bhava-Bhakti, Part 5: It Is Attained By Sadhana Or By Mercy



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  • Bhakta Joe


    Hare Krsna Maharaja,

    Thank you so much for your contribution to Gaudiya Vaishnava world and re-energizing the sampradaya with your dynamic understanding and philosophical prowess. In the later part of this lecture, around the 60:00 mark, while giving the example of Narada Muni to describe one elevated to bhava via sadhana, you listed 5 obstacles that must be overcome to reach the nistha platform:being distracted by the world, apathy, sleep, emotional repression, addiction to sense enjoyment. I was wondering is this referring to a particular verse? Particularly the point of overcoming emotional repression was interesting to me in relation to the topic of how devotees should deal with psychological issues they face while practicing their sadhana. “just chant and be happy” doesn’t seem a very comprehensive solution nor does taking shelter of modern psychiatry at risk of losing faith in the efficacy of the holy name and sadhu sanga. Would seeking psychological help from the mental health system be considered favorable for bhakti and therefore adjunct to ones practice, or should devotees simply try to get good sadhu sanga and focus on their sadhana? How does one deal with psychological issues in the context of Bhakti?

  • Just what the doctor ordered! Thank you!

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