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Q&A: Are We Surrendering To Folklore?



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  • Bijaya Kumara Das


    Dearest Guru Maharaja:

    Just finished hearing your lecture and I really liked your debate premise.
    It would seem they are in a sense surrendering to folklore/conjecture while we are not. We recognize the authority Krsna tu syama bhagavan only repeating what he says about their dilemma and are great full knowing we have everlasting life by becoming his devotee (give up al forms of religion, surrender unto me and I will protect you}. Would you be able to comment on the topic from this premise ?

    All the best , Bijaya Grover

  • There are overriding myths that many in modern science subscribe to. In the words of physicist Joseph Ford, the materialistic mechanistic paradigm is one of the “founding myths” of classical physics. It tells us that reality is nothing but a collection of material particles interacting with one another with no purpose whatsoever. As post mechanistic science points out, however, we now know that the universe possesses an innate tendency to self organize and thus whispers to us of a purpose driven world.

    Like the ancient world, the modern secular world is also unavoidably meaning ­driven and myth is its method. Today’s naturalist myth is the pursuit of salvation through science, a salvation that, if at all attainable, is arguably undesirable—transcending the hell of human frailty and attaining the heaven of robotic perfection. This secular world’s relative meaning is nothing more than a human construct and is in this sense completely imaginary.

  • thank you

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