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Scripture: Literal and Allegorical

December 30th, 2001 | Sanga, Sanga 2001 | webmaster | No Comments

Scripture is the passive agent of divinity, and the sadhu and guru are active agents who bring the true meaning of scripture to light. Simply taking everything in scripture literally will cause as many problems for some as taking everything metaphorically does for others. The balance lies in hearing from realized devotees in the present.

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We Are Students Forever

December 21st, 2001 | Sanga, Sanga 2001 | webmaster | No Comments

I make no claims of perfection, but I cannot deny that by the grace of my own gurus I have learned much, and inspired by this and their example,I have dived deeply into spiritual practice without coming up empty-handed. That which I have gained, I offer to others. To those who find their spiritual prospect in this, I am their guru, whereas in my own eyes I am a student, as we all are eternally.

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From Honoring All Beings to Causeless Love

December 9th, 2001 | Sanga, Sanga 2001 | webmaster | No Comments

For the spiritual practitioner, true morality and compassion for others beyond convention is the result of seeing God in the world. The neophyte lacks strong moral fiber and compassion for others due to his underdeveloped realization of the all-encompassing nature of his object of love.

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The Relativity of Scripture

November 29th, 2001 | Sanga, Sanga 2001 | webmaster | No Comments

Progress involves elimination and new acceptance. At one point we will be taught that scripture is absolute, and if we truly grasp the import of this emphasis, we will discover the provisional nature of scripture couched between the lines.

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Ultimate and Practical Reality

November 20th, 2001 | Sanga, Sanga 2001 | webmaster | No Comments

While in ultimate reality we are consciousness, in our practical reality we are very much human and need to deal with our humanity such that it will propel us in the direction of ultimate reality.

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Srimad-Bhagavatam: the Heart of Krishna

November 5th, 2001 | Sanga, Sanga 2001 | webmaster | No Comments

Sri Caitanya is Krishna searching for Radha’s bhava. That bhava is the heart of Krishna found in Srimad-Bhagavatam. Those who take advantage of this book and its deepest understanding as revealed by Sri Caitanya will know prema-dharma, the end of all knowledge.

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Rasa-Tattva and Rasabhasa

October 26th, 2001 | Sanga, Sanga 2001 | webmaster | No Comments

You should be aware that in reality these topics are over your head. Nonetheless, it is important to understand theoretically that in our sampradaya attaining conjugal love means attaining manjari-bhava in the service of Radha and Krishna.

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Standing in the Land Beyond Doubt

October 16th, 2001 | Sanga, Sanga 2001 | webmaster | No Comments

One who realizes that Krishna and his name are nondifferent shares this insight with his disciple at the time of initiation when he imparts the mantra. He shares, that is, his faith, his standing in the land beyond doubt where life flows freely without hesitation.

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Krishna Book and Divine Slavery

October 7th, 2001 | Sanga, Sanga 2001 | webmaster | No Comments

We should not be overly concerned with the idea of reestablishing Vedic culture, but rather understanding modern culture and applying spiritual insight to it.

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Bhakti-Tattva-Viveka, Siddha-Deha, and Suddha-Nama

September 23rd, 2001 | Sanga, Sanga 2001 | webmaster | No Comments

We have some faith, but we also have doubts. We are supposed to respectfully raise these doubts. When doubts are removed by the preaching and example of the sadhu, only faith remains and we are free to proceed.

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