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Rama and Raganuga-Bhakti

December 31st, 2002 | Sanga, Sanga 2002 | webmaster | No Comments

Deity worship is a window to the world of spontaneous love in which one progresses from worshipping to being that worship. As worship turns to bhava, one cultivates that bhava and identifies with it. When this identification is complete, one reaps the fruit of divine reciprocation that corresponds with that bhava: entrance into the lila in a particular mood of love.

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Women and Sannyasa

December 16th, 2002 | Sanga, Sanga 2002 | webmaster | No Comments

The tendency to equate the formal acceptance of sannyasa with spiritual advancement has caused many devotees to aspire for the formality of sannyasa rather than the substance of the order.

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Bhagavad-Gita Leads to Vrindavana

December 10th, 2002 | Sanga, Sanga 2002 | webmaster | No Comments

God engaged in lila is not, as some philosophers misconstrue, an example of Brahman contaminated by maya. According to the Gita there is nothing higher than Krishna (mattah parataram nanyat). It is not that he is a lesser expression of Brahman.

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Critical Spiritual Thinking

November 25th, 2002 | Sanga, Sanga 2002 | webmaster | No Comments

Spiritual practitioners need to learn to think critically yet spiritually for themselves. The scripture and saints are emphatic on this point, and a qualified siksa guru will be able to help you to reach this level of spiritual discrimination—to be a spiritual yet critical thinker.

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Bhavollasa Rati: Love for Radha-Krishna Combined

November 24th, 2002 | Sanga, Sanga 2002 | webmaster | No Comments

The manjaris’ love, while more intense for Radha than for Krishna, is nonetheless for Krishna as well. The manjaris love both Radha-Krishna combined with emphasis on Radha, and thus they are in a unique position in which Radha-Krishna combined become the object of their romantic love.

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The Reality of Mahaprabhu in Scripture

October 30th, 2002 | Sanga, Sanga 2002 | webmaster | No Comments

Finding support for the reality of Mahaprabhu in scripture is either merely an academic exercise generously conducted for those in need of such support or an example of the very ecstasy that he himself came to distribute. Those who have this ecstasy see him everywhere. Pray that you will be so fortunate.

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Sannyasa and the Jivanmukta

October 24th, 2002 | Sanga, Sanga 2002 | webmaster | No Comments

Real nama bhajana is not a cheap thing. We must pay the price to attain this through service, self-abnegation, and sacrifice. Do not be afraid to sweep the temple, thinking you will miss something. Participation in Krishna lila is all service, regardless of what form it takes, therefore our prospect for entering there requires first and foremost that we develop a serving ego.

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There is No Time Like the Present

October 10th, 2002 | Sanga, Sanga 2002 | webmaster | No Comments

There is no time like the present, for in it both the future and the past can be found. The present determines the future and enables us to retire the past. Yet the present is lost to those who remain controlled by their past and do not heed the clarion call of a spiritual reality that speaks to us untiringly at every moment.

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Chanting the Holy Name of God

September 30th, 2002 | Sanga, Sanga 2002 | webmaster | No Comments

The scriptural verdict is that chanting God’s name aloud in kirtana is most efficacious. The first effect derived from such chanting is the cleansing of the heart. To the extent that one’s heart is cleansed of desire one can effectively engage in meditation on God’s name silently in japa.

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Fundamentalism and Unhealthy Dependence

September 15th, 2002 | Sanga, Sanga 2002 | webmaster | No Comments

When I answer questions on Sanga, I assume that the questioners are sincere and intelligent. Overall, the tenor of my answers is intended to encourage people to think for themselves and to use common sense. I take no responsibility if people abuse this. In my opinion it is better to risk that a few might abuse my advice if it means that more are encouraged to become independently thoughtful, living members of Gaudiya Vaisnavism.

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